Terms and conditions

The project will, unless otherwise specified, be invoiced in two stages: 50% upon commissioning and 50% upon presentation of research results. We do not charge VAT.

Our terms are strictly 28 days from the date of invoices submitted. Amounts outstanding beyond this period are subject to an additional charge of 2% per month, or part thereof.

Our cancellation policy

In the event that a project is cancelled by the client after it has been commissioned, then the project costs are payable in full. However, credit will be given for that part of the project which has not been carried out at the time of cancellation. Any expenses already incurred (which are themselves not able to be cancelled) together with the profit element on a pro-rata basis will still be payable.

Project costs are defined as the whole of the quoted price of the project commissioned, including anticipated expenses for carrying out the project, the time spent and the profit element.

Our pricing policy

Our pricing policy is to charge by way of an hourly rate, the hours for the job having been estimated at the time of the proposal. The hourly rate is set at the time of the proposal and will depend on the executive carrying out the work, the complexity of the project proposed, taking into account geographical considerations and any other factors which affect the job. Travel is usually charged separately according to the type and distance of transport required.

Code of conduct

All work is conducted to the Code of Conduct of the Market Research Society, a copy of which is available by visiting www.mrs.org.uk

Data protection

KW Research has full professional indemnity and public liability insurance; it is also data protection registered.