Privacy policy

Data/ Information Security Policy

KW Research is Data Protection registered. All personal information at the agency is held and transferred securely and will be sent in an encrypted and secure format as per the Data Protection & Security Guidance as required by our clients.

Our policy is that all personal data is lawfully obtained, recorded and stored by all our researchers/ suppliers who are all DP aware/ compliant. Within the offices, data is stored securely under two sets of lock and key, destroyed/ shredded to safeguard confidentiality when appropriate by me, the Data Controller; outside the KW Research office, the same safeguards are in place.

Respondents are informed and obliged to give written consent to research participation and recordings of their participation, in the case of video/ DVD recordings in a separate form. Clients' interests are respected at all times by DP aware researchers and suppliers. Respondents/ respondents’ personal data are treated with respect at all times.

Personnel Security

All researchers/ suppliers working for KW Research are members of the MRS as well as responsible individuals who run their own businesses. As such all researchers working on KW Research business assume responsibility for themselves and their good conduct.

We provide absolute assurance as to the trustworthiness, integrity and reliability of all our researchers/ suppliers who have worked for KW Research for a number of years, and were recommended/ referred to us by at least 2 members of the MRS.

Physical/ Building Security

Each entrance door to the property in which our offices are housed is secured by two locks. The property is never left unlocked when empty. The property itself is secured by a wall on three sides with full fencing on the remaining side; and there is only one access to the property via a closed 5 bar gate. All windows to the property are double locked.

The KW Research office within the annexe has its own locked door.

Sensitive material is not left unattended either in KW R offices nor when personnel are travelling/ out of office. Computer screens in or outside the office are not left in view when unattended; neither is the office overlooked by windows or reflective surfaces.