How we work

KW Research combines the talents, enthusiasm, professionalism and experience of senior researchers and consultants. All working hands-on (we don’t employ any junior researchers) we provide objective insights based on exhaustive analysis, consumer knowledge and a sound background in marketing and business development.

By working with our associate network, KW Research is resource efficient and offers excellent value; clients only pay for the resource and speciality they use.

We make it our business to understand the relationships that make our clients' businesses work effectively, be they with consumers/clients/members, staff/employees, distribution networks, other stakeholders, introducers or opinion leaders.

We offer applied thinking, drawing on experience and knowledge, psychological models of thinking (where appropriate) and business acumen. Our recommendations are always straight talking and clear.

We are involved in ongoing internal training and communication programs, helping individuals meet their potential and improving understanding and communication between colleagues and teams.

We often work at board level across a spectrum of companies and institutions and are heavily involved in meeting the needs of expanding and diversifying professional representative bodies.