Improve Employee Engagement through Qualitative Research

By Kate Willis

Employee engagement is not about conducting a staff survey, implementing a few changes, then watching the numbers improve.

Employee Engagement

The idea of employee engagement is a simple one: if employees are happier and motivated at work, then productivity will increase and organisations can optimise potential.

Six reasons employee engagement works:

  1. As an employer you retain your key employees and lower staff turnover
  2. You have a more productive workforce
  3. Engaged employees are more creative
  4. Staff will deliver better customer service and better overall results
  5. Your workforce will be passionate about your organisation
  6. Employees will want a career with you not just a job

Understanding what helps employees engage in your organisation and then developing a strategy to increase that engagement and commitment requires the depth and insight of a qualitative research approach.

Qualitative Research

Qualitative research helps to unearth people’s attitudes and motivations, paying careful attention to issues and perceptions individuals hold. Your staff hold a key role, not only in providing good service at the customer/staff interface, but also in delivering your organisation’s brand values in everything they do.

Listening to your staff, understanding their skills, knowledge and experience, building internal relationships and developing compelling internal communications leads to a positive culture.

In difficult economic times, many failing organisations, peopled by worried executives, focus on control (target-setting, even threats) rather than consultation; seeing staff as a liability rather than an asset, employees are not listened to or heard. The result? Near-toxic, unsustainable environments in which high anxiety, risk aversion, lack of confidence and lack of dynamism are prevalent.

The skill and expertise of an independent qualitative researcher is to reflect on all that research reveals; to identify and test emerging hypotheses; working alongside the client group, to develop attainable and powerful strategies to increase staff involvement/motivation; and to run follow-up workshops with your implementation team. Conducting quantitative questionnaire-based staff surveys can gauge and measure issues affecting employee engagement; but survey research alone cannot supply the insight, perspective and depth that characterises expert qualitative research by experienced B2B practitioners.

Business Growth Through Employee Engagement

If you'd like to find out how engaged your employees are and go on to develop a strategy to increase that engagement leading to business growth, then contact KW Research.